Monday, December 08, 2014

Drunken Origami

Inebriated folders December 5, 2014 at Bang Bang nightclub in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego

Last Friday, I traveled to San Diego to teach origami in a dance nightclub setting.  So low lighting and wasted party-goers made for some challenging teaching.  Conversation fun and folding devolved with one group into everything being a sexual inuendo.  I would have been off brushing up on origami underground.  Since it was also a Japanese-themed party and nightclub, and they had Sumo wrestlers perform, I think this would have been a good model to teach and have fun with:

 Since everyone was inebriated, this is probably how exciting it would have looked to them:

 And incidentally speaking of Sumo, I recently saw this cool Sumo wrestler by Yoo Tae Yong:

Photo source:  Beth Johnson Origami
You can see more angles and other models on his Flickr.

It was a closed event, business company holiday party; and I was kept over the scheduled time (which I suppose is a compliment).

I was impressed with a couple of patrons getting through folding a Carmen Sprung Stern Franziska.  My attention-getter was constantly launching my boomerang glider. 

Driving back to LA latenight, I assumed would be a breeze; but it wasn't.  That's when freeway construction and repairs happen (not that it doesn't go on in daylight, either) and I hit more than a few heavy traffic jams and annoying detours.

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