Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Photo of the Day

From December 30, 2012, excerpt from a giant origami crane in Logan Square:

The idea for the crane began because one of her friends, apparently, makes these guys all the time. In fact, as we were chatting in her living room, Sima’s father showed me a small crane that was sitting on the coffee table. 

I learned that the crane in the yard does, indeed, light up in the evenings – and is set on a timer (to go off around 4:30 PM). I also found out that Sima has plans to include a workstation outside, where people would be able to write down their wishes for the new year, create their own origami cranes, and add it to the one in the yard. 

In a way, this additional component transforms the crane from something you just observe to something that you interact with… as anyone passing by would be able to participate.

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