Monday, December 08, 2014


Hat tip to  Beverly Baudino for sending me this yesterday:

A Dallas-based company has come up with a new way to end inflight battles in the hated armrest war.
Soarigami is a clip-on, origami-style plastic divider that looks very much like a paper airplane and acts like an armrest extender -- giving passengers a bit more space. 


The Soarigami is made of strong plastic that folds into a thin profile for easy transport, says Grace Lee Chang, co-creator of Soarigami. The Soarigami securely attaches onto the armrest with flexible spring-action ‘landing gear.’ The ‘wings’ become the new extended armrests and the ‘vertical stabilizer’ in the middle acts as a barrier between two elbows.
“Sora means sky in Japanese, and gami means graceful,” she says. “With the product being origami-inspired and meant to be used in flight, the name Soarigami was born, aiming to soar the skies with grace.”
The Soarigami product is still being tested, but is set to be available for purchase in early 2015 for around $30.

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