Sunday, May 29, 2016

Shumakov hot air balloons featured in sci-fi movie short

The director had contacted me through the WCOG fB page.  She was looking for someone to fold hot air balloons and I put her in touch with the Shumakovs.  Check out Windows:

Windows is a near-future science fiction short that deals with the currently emerging technologies of computer-human interface and artificial intelligence. This project is a compelling exploration of the personal impact these technologies may have on our lives.
Windows tells the story of Luz, a woman who lives in a future where humans can choose to give up their individuality to merge into a single entity.
Maru Buendia-Senties is an award-winning writer/director with extensive experience in Visual Effects from working with Robert Rodriguez on films like Predators and Machete, and collaborating with ReelFX on the film Parkland. Windows is her most ambitious project yet and she has assembled a team of seasoned professionals with credits including: Game of Thrones, Boyhood, and The Hobbit, to make Windows a truly spectacular film.
Now we need YOUR HELP to cross the finish line!
One of the perks for contributing $250 would be

One beautiful 9" tall, hand-crafted origami hot air balloon made by the fine folks at Oriland. These works of art were used as props on the "Windows" set and are featured in the film (

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