Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Yami is currently at Harbor Care Center- a nursing home.  He's not sure how long he will be there for. 

Anyone who wishes to send him well wishes, you can send fan mail to him here:

Harbor Care Center
21521 South Vermont Ave
 Torrance, CA 90502

His daughter wrote:

"He says he's fine but lacks vitality, and he gets confused.  I asked if maybe he was depressed.  He said he didn't know what I was talking about.  Lack of initiation is a common result of a brain injury, so I wonder if his not having the initiative to get out of bed or answer his phone goes back to his stroke.

I am in New York.  I have commitments keeping me here, and getting my own life in order continues to be a challenge, so visiting my father right now is not possible.  But I do know that having people visit him will help his well-being.  I am so grateful to you for spreading the word.  I asked Yami for his permission to let his friends know that he is at Del Amo Gardens so they can visit him.  He said that was fine.  If people do visit him, I hope seeing friends will whet his appetite again, for food and for life."

Yami Yamauchi​ turns 80 on July 29th.  Please wish him well!

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