Sunday, July 24, 2016

Origami Zoo Informal Review

Joel Stern and Tuttle Publishing have done it again, producing a handsome origami kit that comes complete with 40 patterned origami paper, 95 stickers, a foldout zoo map (with coloring possibilities for the backside), and a pamphlet of clear instructions for 15 projects.  Origami purists can appreciate Joel's talent in designing conceptual animal models that are recognizable and simple enough to complete in around 21 steps or less.  Non-purists and novice folders will appreciate the challenge of folding models that are from beginning level to intermediate level; and are not restricted to the limitations of strict folding, but are enhanced by the stickers (for eyes and animal faces), which kids always love, patterned paper, and the zoo map for play.  What happens if you run out of stickers and paper?  Option 1 would be to resupply with another kit purchase.  Option 2 is exercise creativity:  Any paper will work and the stickers are a bonus, not a neccessity- kids love to draw and color and will have no qualms about drawing their own animal patterns, eyes, and faces onto paper they fold.

This fun kit makes for a wonderful gift to anyone who is a fan of zoo animals; and/or love kids craft and paperfolding.

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