Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Paper Glider Scene from the Original Planet of the Apes

The movie "Planet of the Apes", directed by Franklin J. Schaffner. Seen here, Roddy McDowall as Cornelius holding a paper airplane folded by Taylor.

In one of my favorite classic sci-fi films, Taylor attempts to communicate how he got there:

Following this scene,

Dr. Zaius: What is this?
Dr. Zaius picks up the paper airplane that Taylor made earlier...

Zira: A toy. It floats on the air.
Cornelius: Zira!
Zira: Try it!
Dr. Zaius: Nonsense!
Dr. Zaius wads up the paper airplane and drops it to the floor. He then turns and starts to exit the room along with Dr. Minimus and the two gorilla guards...
Cornelius: (clears throat): Um... Dr. Zaius?
Dr. Zaius turns around to face Cornelius...
Dr. Zaius: Yes, Cornelius?
Cornelius: Aren't you forgetting something...?
Dr. Zaius: I don't believe so. Why?
Cornelius: I hope it was an innocent accident...
Dr. Zaius: What are you talking about?
Cornelius: You know damn well what I'm talking about. You wadded up that piece of paper and just dropped into the floor, walked off and left it there... a foot away from the wastebasket. What's that all about?
Dr. Zaius: Oh, that. Yes...that was for dramatic effect... to make my point about the foolish impossibility of flight. Worked rather well, wouldn't you say?

Okay....maybe some of this didn't actually occur in this way, in that movie.  But Dr. Zaius did crumble up Taylor's origami artwork as evidence of Taylor's intellect.

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