Thursday, November 08, 2018

14 years of service!

Today marks the 14th year anniversary of this blog, down to the minute.  I think it's one of the first origami blogs that opened for business; certainly one of the longest lasting ones.   A conservative talk radio host, Hugh Hewitt, was the one who got me into the idea of blogging, in 2004.  Back then, there weren't a great deal of origami content on the internet.  Not like it is today.  Back then, it was easy to go visit known websites, blogs, and photo galleries and not be overwhelmed.  Today, there is so much content out there, there is simply no way I could look at everything.  It's the same with books and folding models- just too much out there and not enough hours in the day, let alone energy and enthusiasm to make it happen.

I've gone through phases where this blog wasn't a priority; although the Sunday Funnies are automatically scheduled to publish and is lined up all the way into 2023, at the moment.  Very few repeat cartoons, too.

I know the look and platform this blog operates on is dated; but it's free; and it'd be a big headache to try and move almost 1400 blogposts in the archives over to a newer platform.  I'm grateful to for having remained in business for so long.

I think I have the most extensive sidebar link of blogs, websites, photo albums, and services than any other origami-related site.  There are a number of blogs linked that are no longer functioning.  I haven't removed them because they're a way for me to remember that they once existed.  I wish people wouldn't delete their old blogs but leave them up as archived history.  Amidst all the junk, and internet clutter there's also been some great content out there.

Check out my first blog post.

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