Monday, September 01, 2014

5th Sunday at Carol Stevens

I brought Joe to Carol Stevens' 5th Sunday meeting.  No response from Yami.  Last month Joe told me he thinks Yami's lost interest in origami and has moved on.  At least for now.

There was a send out to local folders requesting donations of folded models for a play, "Animals Out of Paper" (link is post-dated for Sept. 4th, FYI), written by Pulitzer Finalist Rajiv Joseph.  Robert Lang is one of the contributors.  Andy Lowe, the production manager of East West Players, was stopping by to pick up model donations, according to Joel Stern.

David donated a beautiful pagoda and giraffe he designed.  Joe Hamamoto brought bags of modular stuff, including about 4 FITs.  That alone is enough to fill up a stage.

I folded a Montroll horse and David Donahue helped me fold this ridiculously large Max Hulme jack-in-the-box:

Carol Stevens stuck us outside because there was initially no room inside when we cut a 2 x 1 from the butcher paper.  Ridiculously large and unwieldy.  We called it "sweat-folding", as it was hot and David's sweat was dripping onto the paper.

Andrew Ting went to the JOAS Convention and had taken Toshikazu KAWASAKI's class on the armor(ed) ball. 

I folded one before the meeting was through, with Andrew's help; then another one when I got home last night.  Love it!

I learned from Sara Adams that the model is published in "Fancy Origami for Practical Use".  It is also apparently in the OUSA 2011 Convention book.

Andrew explains how Kawasaki-sensei had the class of 7 test their folding expertise:

Andrew's off to college and it sounds like next Sunday's at Marti's may be his last local meeting for a while.  Unfortunately, I probably won't make the meeting since I have a gymnastics meet with my girls.

Photos here.

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