Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Kawasaki's Armor(ed) Ball

Armor(ed) Ball
Created by Toshikazu KAWASAKI
Folded by Michael Sanders
6-piece modular 10" x 10" elephant hide (Wyndstone) paper

(Note: Top photo is the same model as the bottom one, right before the spiral twist gets pushed inside the layers).

The model is very sturdy, held together by the spiral twists.  Final result with this paper reminds me of a wooden puzzle.

Taught to me by Andrew Ting. 
Andrew Ting learned it directly from Kawasaki-sensei at JOAS and taught it to me yesterday.
Diagrams:  Published in OUSA Convention Book 2011
; and also the Kawasaki book, "Fancy Origami for Practical Use".

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