Friday, September 12, 2014

The Curious Art of Origami

New exhibit coming soon to Pasadena:

Using mathematical calculations to map out the folds necessary to form particular elements of an animal, bird or insect, origami artists from all over the world have been designing increasingly complex forms, often out of a single square of paper with no cuts or glue. Some artists, however, have pushed the artistic boundaries of origami by experimenting with different types of paper and new folding techniques to create works that barely resemble traditional origami – elaborately patterned geometric forms called tessellations and simple figural or abstract forms created with very few folds.

Curated by Meher McArthur
Featuring art by Robert Lang, Linda Mihara & Giang Dinh

The Curious Art of Origami opens September 19, 2014.
On view daily (except Sunday) through November 19, 2014.
9:30am-6pm in the Shumei Hall Gallery.

I believe Meher McArthur is the same curator that coordinated with Dr. Lang during the Origami exhibit at the Japanese-American National Museum in Little Tokyo a few years ago.

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