Tuesday, July 02, 2013

NOA #455 for July 2013

 Model contents:

  • Vega doll and Altair doll by Mr. Nobuyoshi ENOMOTO
  • Star envelope by Ms. Shoko AOYAGI
  • Ox by Ms. Ryuko NASHIMOTO
  • Hexahedron box by Ms. Ayako KAWATE
  • Flower ball with leaves by Ms. Minako ISHIBASHI
  • Checkered pattern by Ms. Noriko NAGATA
  • Slinding pattern by Ms. Ayako KAWATE
  • Pinwheel by Mr. Eiji TSUCHIDO
  • Flower of cotton by Mr. Junichiro SOMEYA
  • Watermelon-shaped toothpick holder by Ms. Yuko FUJIMOTO
  • Snake
  • Butterfly for Kyoto by Mr. Michael G. LaFosse
  • Otter by Mr. Kunihiko KASAHARA
  • Crayfish by Mr. Yukihiko MATSUNO

In addition, I saw this photo:

As a gymnast, I would love to see more higher quality photos of this work.  I'm not sure who it's by, but will update here when I find out.

The artist captured the body mechanics of the bottom two photos and the upper right (if it's a Yamawaki/Jonasson) really well.

Hisako Tanji tells me the event this work was showcased at was "Group Festival 2013" in Osaka on 3/9 and 3/10.  The work is "Gold Medal 1.2" (I cut off the non-gymnastics part) by Mutsumi TAKEUCHI.

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