Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Happy Model

Well....I'm not sure what Fernando Gilgado is calling this thing....but boy, does he sure look like one handsome,  happy camper!

This wouldn't be my first paper choice, as it's a bit thick (no inappropriate jokes, please) and so the eyes won't lay down as flat as I would like; but this modest sized, 6" square paper was already premade, left over from this project.

I swear (not expletively), I want this blog to remain family-friendly- but I just couldn't pass up sharing this adorable little guy with the larger community of folders!  After all, the model in itself is nothing dirty but perfectly natural.   And look at him!  He's got such a grin and is soooo happy! 

Not sure why, though...

His hat looks a little too tall; but I'm too lazy to go back and fix it right now.

Diagram is generously posted by its creator, Fernando Gilgado.

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