Thursday, July 18, 2013

(The Return of) The Ultimate Double-Barreled Paper Banger!

This is a repost- but I doubt most of you have yet seen this video (it's been "off the air" for the last couple of years when a primary YouTube account was deleted).  Joe Hamamoto demonstrates the ultimate paper snapper.  Pay close attention- and remember:  If you're going to fold one yourself, make sure you do so under licensed, adult supervision- this is serious, dangerous stuff:

I'm so glad I was able to recover this video.  It amuses me to no end.

My external hard drive has some corruption issue and my computer is now about 12 years old.  I only managed to recover this video file by downloading it from my Facebook (where I thankfully had a copy of it).  Google remains your best friend:  "How to download Facebook videos".  Walla.

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