Friday, July 19, 2013

When Paper has Memory

I uploaded this 4 years ago:

Hope I didn't make you sit through all 3 minutes of that?  (^_^)  You can view this one if you lack patience.

Jeremy Shafer is a prolific YouTube uploader of tutorials.  Extremely generous in sharing so much of his work (especially in light of some of the rude, thankless commenters you find on YouTube).

About a week ago, he posted a tutorial on Chris Palmer's famous hat tent, taught by Chris Palmer, himself.  It's timely, because I was just teaching the model recently myself to a few at WCOG last weekend.  It's an amazing model:

You can find some cool spinner variants nowadays, as well.  CP variants here.

To support Chris Palmer's work, visit Shadowfolds and check out his cds.

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