Thursday, October 11, 2018

David Brill Horse

October 6, 2018

Created by David Brill
Folded by Michael Sanders
Folded from (almost) 25” equilateral triangle
Not sure what kind of paper

This is probably only the third Brill horse I’ve folded. The first one many moons ago was a mess and became an origami basketball for the waste basket. The second one was my Sea Biscuit composition (Brill’s horse and rider for the fox hunt. See here. I decided to fold this one for my Brill St. George and the Dragon. I’ve been using a cheat by incorporating Montroll’s classic horse for the knight’s war steed. But yesterday decided I wanted a full Brill composition.
The Montroll horse remains my favorite mostly because it’s quick and easy for me with a good shaping look to it for the amount of work involved. It was the model that inspired me, when I saw Terry Hall fold one for a girl at my first Westcoast Origami meeting. But along with that, was Brill’s horse. That too inspired me to pursue origami as a little bit more than just a casual pastime when I saw his book, Brilliant Origami along with Montroll and Lang, at the Borders bookstore. This was around 2001-2002. Before that, I had never seen modern origami or anything so much more complex than traditional models. And the cover on Brill’s book of St George and the Dragon was whoa-inspiring.
I love the look of the Brill horse (especially the other classic horse of his for which I don’t believe there are diagrams made available); but I’m one of those origamists that’s been a bit lazy to cut and fold from anything other than squares and rectangles. Plus I think the Brill horse is a bit challenging to get the shaping just right. I had to refold the hind legs on this one a couple of times as the body looked a bit too short; then I overcompensated and made the body too long. Finally, I hit the Goldilocks zone and am satisfied with this model.
Now to go unearth my St George and the Dragon from storage boxes in the garage somewhere and retire the Montroll warhorse.
My fear is that I may have to redo a new knight because I think he may be too large to sit atop this Brill horse.

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