Monday, February 17, 2014

Andrew Ting's Chinese New Year Origami Party

This was yesterday.  I didn't attend last year's. 

 We couldn't all fit into one room; so I missed out on half of what was going on.  I guess at one point they were doing magic tricks in the other room- so much roars of laughter coming from the other side, that we in the other room got jealous and started fake laughing hysterically, so as to make the other group feel like they were missing out on something special (they were).

I thought I had brought my magic flip book ($3.95 on eBay) and was bummed out when I could not find it in the car; so I showed it on my laptop. 

I don't know if the idea is copyright protected/patented, but I'd love to see an origami version of this- maybe a hand reaching for a 3 different blank sheets of paper that transforms into different origami pieces.  I'd do it myself if I were an artist with more time on my hands.

 I taught Akiko Yamanashi's Heart Box, as I had 7 more I have to make for kids at the gym.  My level 3s on Saturday were not amused by my humor when I informed them:  "The good news is that I made a dozen origami heart boxes for you guys; the bad news is, on Valentine's yesterday, I gave them away to the excel group.  The good news is, I decided to make more; the bad news is, I hadn't started making them yet."  Anyway, they just had dull stares in their eyes.

Andrew taught Joseph Wu's pig which Boaz Shuval had taught at WCOG many years ago. 

Some of the food:

A Hisako-thing

Chinese blooming flower ball tea:

The tea starts out as that small little "nugget" on the plate; then unfolds into what you see in the glass tea pot:

Photo credit:  Hisako Tanji

 Good turnout, although many local friends still missing:

More photos here.

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