Thursday, February 27, 2014

Origamagic Crane Arrived!

Took only two days to arrive (It shipped from Torrance, which is Yami-Joe country) .  I received it on my doorstep this afternoon, took it to work and tested it out:

The material for this is polyester fabric with shape-memory.  It kind of reminds me a bit like the paper-memory of Chris Palmers' Hat Tent.

According to the care notice, it warns that the shape memory feature is not permanent; so heat and humidity can potentially affect its shape-memory.

This is a great addition to my repertoire when it comes to performance/entertainment origami.

*UPDATE*  3/1/2014 06:30

Hans Dybkaer posted the following to Origami-L:

Cut an A5 square (14,8 cm) polyester thin fabric . Fixate the edges so they do not unravel, I used "Stiffy " for that; let dry. Carefully fold two flat cranes from 15 cm kami. Unfold.
Place the fabric between the two kami layers. Carefully fold all three layers into a crane again. Place on a flat dish and something flat on top of the flat crane.
Put into oven preheated to 200 celsius for 20 minutes. Let cool completely, e.g. in the fridge.
Unfold and take out the fabric . It now almost folds itself, watch the video. 


advoxgt said...

Where can I buy the memory polyester material?

advoxgt said...

Where can I buy the polyester material?