Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gay Merrill Gross Origami Poem

When I first discovered the wonders of the internet and having my own computer around 2001-2002 around the same time I was becoming immersed in origami, I remember being fascinated with Gay's storytelling during a segment of the Carol Duvall Show on the HGTV website, in which they covered an origami conference, I think in San Francisco.  I think this is the one:

"The Carol Duvall Show," aired two episodes (934 and 941)  showing footage from last year's Pacific Coast Origami Conference (PCOC) in San Francisco. Their website contains a 4 minute video clip from the second episode.,1789,HGTV_3293_1383567,00.html
But the episode is no longer available.  I'd love to see it again but don't know if anyone has a link to a video clip of that segment.

At OUSA, Gay showed me the wonderful way she fanned out the stack of paper in that presentation.  I'll have to ask who she learned that from; as she told me, but I forget.

Here is the poem to one of the teaching tales I remember from that PCOC in 2000:

Did you hear about the kite that bumped its nose
and bent its tail
turned into a whale
stood on its head
and became a penguin instead
but the last I heard
it was a flapping bird

I wonder if any of you who have not heard this storigami before can guess as to what the folds are (at the end of the tale, you have a version of a flapping bird).

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