Monday, February 03, 2014

February Folding Fun at Marti's

Yami needing a magnifying glass to look at a photo on my camera phone (Photo credit:  Pam Miike)

Given the uneventfulness of the Super Bowl, it sounds like I made the smarter choice in opting for paperfolding Sunday.

Assia Brill's Curlicue seems to be spreading like wildfire:

 Marti showed me a couple more interesting business cards.

 Pam asked to fold the Montroll horse, so I taught it to her and Andrew.

A unicorn?

Teddy taught a 3D heart.

Hisako showed Akiko Yamanashi's box-in-a-box she had folded out of the origami paper package covering:

 I folded Akiko Yamanashi's Heart Box from a Heather Shida video, having learned it years back when it appeared in an issue of NOA (I was too lazy to dig it up- but the diagrams are probably easier to follow than video).

I wondered why the box didn't look quite right; and then after folding a second one, figured out that I had inserted the pink tube inside the red, when it should have been the other way around (to get half the heart in each color).
Somehow Marti talked Joe into coming out of his cave and attend.  Yami brought him, making an appearance that, for him these days, is also a rare occurrence.  I guess the stars aligned.

Some of the folders were doing Kawasaki's One Minute Rose, but having trouble doing it in less than 5 minutes.

That Shafer tutorial is the first time I actually took the time to view the rose.  I'm now interested in trying it.  I think I can do it in under a minute.  

Andrew Ting decided to show us how he does it.  Hisako used her hour glass timer:

After bragging about how I knew how to do a 2-and-a-half hour rose (Phu Tran's), I then had to show off my split-second rose, created on the spot.  One day, I'll have to give Jeremy Shafer a challenge to see if he can out-speed me, folding his origami boulder vs. my split-second rose.

David Donahue out of Riverside attended his first origami group meeting.  He had never folded with other origami enthusiasts before.

Photos here.

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