Monday, February 17, 2014

Robert Lang in Gran Turismo Documentary

Dr. Robert Lang,  via the Origami Mailing List:

Last year, some folks from Sony asked to film me for a documentary they were
making about a videogame that has something to do with driving a fast car.
(Not sure of the connection to origami there, but hey, sure, let's do it.)
They've now released the documentary on YouTube, here

It's not quite "Between The Folds" (actually, it's about a million miles
from BTF), but they do include a nice little segment that ties in origami
that starts right around the 25:00 mark and runs for about 3 minutes. (The
whole video is 83 minutes. I haven't watched the whole thing.)

Background trivia: the design I'm working on in the image is this Katydid

I diagrammed it for an upcoming compilation book from Gallery Origami House,
which I just learned has been placed on indefinite hold ;o(. (Indefinite,
but not entirely stopped, they say, so there's hope.)

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