Friday, February 28, 2014

Photo of the Week: Giant Pegasus

By Kevin Box:


Hat tip:  Deb Pun

I missed out on the post-Conference tour of Kevin's Studio last year since I had to get back home early from PCOC, for work.


origami katakana said...

Whose pegasus is this? It looks pretty ineficient.

Paper Paladin said...

I just assumed it was a Lang Pegasus.

Kevin Box Studio said...

Inefficient, really? This is a collaboration piece that evolved from an originally designed "katagami" pony that employed four cuts by Te Jui Fu and myself. I had a commission opportunity for the large pegasus and asked Robert J. Lang if he could re-design the pony out of an uncut square and add wings. He achieved a most amazing design faithful to the original katagami pony lines and added wing material to complete the final piece. It was an amazing achievement! I then deconstructed the external planes and integrated it into a Tecla software model with Gregory P. Luth engineering firm in California. They ran the model through Risa program for analysis and value engineering. It was made primarily out of 1/4" steel and can withstand 95 mph sustained windloads. The final design, though obviously departs somewhat from the paper original was fabricated in 8 pieces by CMY fabrication in Albuquerque, NM. and powder coated with a zinc rich primer and super durable white top coat. Limited edition cast bronze maquettes, smaller versions of this collaboration and an unfolded cast aluminum version for hanging on the wall are available through my website as well as the 14 galleries throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico that retail our work.