Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jumping Discs at POP

Last Friday I happened to give my Hot Shots Doodlebugs from Yami's prescored cardstock paper; and today, Joel Stern brought 'em so we folded them:

Joel also modified a classic Oppenheimer container as the base for a house:

It was also my first time folding the Oppenheimer magazine cover container.  This is akin to being an origami enthusiast for decades without ever having folded a jumping frog.

I bought a copy of Joel's book, Origami Games, with excellent ideas and fun, simple models to teach kids.  I am doing my annual demo/workshop at Westland School tomorrow, so may borrow some ideas from it.

Since I missed out on last month's POP due to the Whale Fiesta, Joel brought some strips and retaught the curlicue which he taught at January's meeting.  My 1st curlicue; and I must say, it's true that it's rather addicting.  I will add this to my book list (and don't forget about entering Sara Adam's giveaway contest).

My jumping discs also arrived on Saturday.  So I brought these:

More photos here.

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