Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Pajarita Puzzle Cube

Dr. Robert Lang, via the O-List:

A couple of years ago I wrote a paper for the Journal of Mathematics and the
Arts, titled "A Pajarita Puzzle Cube in Papiroflexia", about the underlying
mathematics of a modular cube that has the silhouette of a Pajarita on each
face. The "puzzle" aspect is that even after you've folded the 12 units, it
is not at all obvious how to assemble them in such a way that one obtains a
perfect Pajarita on each face.

I just learned that for a brief time, JMA is offering the paper as a free
download (normally it's behind a paywall), and so if you'd like to fold the
units (folding instructions included), try the puzzle, or create your own
version, here's the link:



P.S. Oh, and I also just learned that it was awarded "Best paper of 2014" by
the journal. That's the "tootiness" of this post.

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