Sunday, March 09, 2014

Mountain Folding

Saw this posted to the Origami Forum:

Mountain Folding is an experiment coming from the desire of creating an experience wider than the traditional origami conventions. The idea is to combine a vacation among paperfolders and a summer camp with activities especially oriented toward creativity aspects, experimenting and sharing different techniques and styles.
The idea was born enjoying a late night talk during the 2013 CDO convention, it was a shared dream seemingly utopian at first; it then turned into a real project, made possible by the logistical support of Madesimo Tourists Office, the hosting village, and by CDO who put their trust in this event granting their patronage.
Mountain Folding will take place in August, 20th to 31st, during this period origami workshops and group activities will be accompanied by some outdoor extra-origami activities to have fun together and take inspiration by the observation of Nature. Each participant can freely choose whether to take part to the full convention or stay just for a few days.
We decided for a long duration of the convention, in order to give the participants the opportunity to know each other better and produce the best conditions for sharing and exchanging. In addition to origami-related aspects, Mountain Folding offers the opportunity of enjoying a vacation on the beautiful Italian Alps and practicing sports or cultural activities in the company of other paperfolders and families.
Interesting idea.

Next venue:  Valley Folding.  :P


origami katakana said...

The orange is a bit hard to read.

Paper Paladin said...

Any better now? Are you viewing from a smartphone or computer? Is the background blue or white?