Friday, March 21, 2014

Bloom Blanket by Bianca Cheng Costanzo
The Bloom blanket was created by Bianca Cheng Costanzo, an ex-Apple designer and veteran of the MIT
Blanket inspired by art and science:

As chilly weather drags on, there's still time to curl up on the couch under a nice cozy blanket. But most blankets are just so...flat. Not in terms of color or impact, but literally, they're flat, because they're a flat piece or knit of fabric. Not so with the Bloom, an art- and science-inspired blanket that's currently on Kickstarter.

Bloom was created by Bianca Cheng Costanzo, a Brazilian-born half-Chinese and half-Italian woman raised in California who dropped out of MIT (where she was a part of the famous MIT Media Lab) and worked as a designer at Apple (phew!). All of that, she says, comes into play with Bloom: a blanket inspired by both the origami she played with as a child and the tessellations she explored at MIT, created from soft Italian fabric.

Bloom is a blanket with a surprisingly three-dimensional design, constructed by sewing woolen tetrahedrons together. The final result is familiar, a pleasantly bumpy spread of pyramids that looks like a paper fortune teller. The material, Costanzo says, is Italian cashmere, and just stiff enough to maintain its shape. It's available in both white and grey and costs $249. At the moment, Costanzo is raising money on Kickstarter, where she's already demolished her funding goal. From a goal of $14,050, she's secured well over $160,000 already, with more than a week to go.

On her Kickstarter page:

Throughout my life, I have been curious about geometric forms and folds. During my time at MIT, I was introduced to more elaborate forms of origami, and a language for analysing and generating those 3-dimensional shapes. As a child who always invented paper toys and dolls, it was my dream to transform them into something beautiful that I could have at home. Thus, bloom was born.

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