Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Origami Poppy & Rant

Nice design by Aileen Edwin:

Artists should be acknowledged and their rights respected.  Especially by those who claim to love origami.

There's been a recent flare up over at Won's Moneyfolders group.  I see two different camps of attitude:  Those who understand and respect origami as art and not just hobby and kids craft- who support designers, giving credit and recognition where due; and understand that for some creators, this is their livelihood- not just a fanciful pastime.  And then there's another camp that seems to have a "gimmee, gimmee" attitude; that if you don't share knowledge in how to fold a model, you are "just showing off" when posting a picture or video that isn't a tutorial (YouTube commenters are some of the most thankless, worst offenders of the entitlement mentality- and I'm pretty sure not all are 12 year olds who are posting rude, immature and disrespectful demands); that it is YOU who are being selfish by not giving free information out there.  This same camp could care less about who created what- all that is important is that they learn how to fold a model.  They have zero interest in who the design came from; and that if they went through the trouble of purchasing a book, they have every right to sell and distribute its content as they see fit.

Talk about selfish....

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