Friday, March 28, 2014

Amazing Origami Crane Wedding Cake

This was sighted on cable TV by Helen Conachan from the O-List.  Apparently a Biography Channel show called Amazing Wedding Cakes.

The program aired of the origami cake is probably a repeat as I think this 2009 blogpost describes the behind the scenes making of the cake in question:

Husband Mike checking in with what is probably our most normal cake of the season, the Origami Crane Wedding Cake.
We have one coming up next week that is sort of a normal wedding cake on steroids, but the Origami cake is a terrific representation of the kind of standard wedding cakes that we do. It is elegant with some nice detail and size appropriate. You see these giant cakes on all these shows and that is more the exception than the rule. This time we delivered a cake to both feed and light up the room.

Marc did the consultation this time, a rarity for him. I think he did a good job though! Sometimes one of the
hardest parts of meeting with the couple is helping them get what they need. If you come to us, you’re getting our years of experience and that means our professional opinion. We’ll do everything possible to give you what you want, but we will also make sure it works for your wedding as well. Marc recognized that a full origami crane made of cake would be too big and too expensive for their budget and wedding size, so he steered them towards a more traditional base with that awesome chocolate painted crane on top. We actually found a simple silver and red patterned piece of origami paper and that is what was used for the crane’s final look.
I just want to say a big thank you to my mom’s friend Shoko who is an origami master and took time out of her schedule to make up a couple little crane’s for us to reference. They were invaluable to the process and a whole lot quicker than us trying to figure it out!
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Looks to be Season 2, Episode 5:

At Merci Beaucoup Cakes Marc takes an order for an origami crane wedding cake.  His first challenge is to talk the couple out of their original design.  Then he must create a white chocolate crane. This is a real test of his artistic talent since he’s never done this before.

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