Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thunder Clapper

Video description:

The Thunderclapper is a simple card and paper toy that was often included as a free gift inside traditional comics. If you have a bit of card and paper handy, you can make one yourself very simply.

A square of card is folded along the diagonal, and a triangular piece of paper is fastened inside. Traditionally this was glued in place, but sticky tape will do just as well. Fold the paper inside the Thunderclapper, hold it by the corner, and flick downwards. The paper pops out with something of a bang.

A simple toy, but lots of fun.

Nothing tops Joe's newspaper banger!

Paper snappers can be fun.  Yami warms up his audience with his banger; and I use it, too, as a game in which I have audience participants volunteer in a contest of "quick fold", as a part of my on-stage demo at the Monterrey Park Cherry Blossom Festival.

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