Monday, June 03, 2013

A note about Herman Lau's $ Flower-in-a-Pot

 Note that the flap to one wall of the pot does not touch the inner side of the wall, but covers and closes off the top of the pot, like soil:

The hardest part to get people to understand, in my experience, is how the stem is crimped and is pulled down to give the illusion of arising from the center of the pot, rather than from the corner.

The other trouble that people seem to have is in getting the proportions of the pot to be more in keeping to Herman Lau's specificity.

I finally made my first Sunday at Marti Reis' house (I will blog on her amazing house and puzzle fascination as soon as I can!) where I taught this model at Pam Miike's request.

One of the best folders of this model that I've seen is John McKeever.


Mary Williams said...

Michael, you are correct, the crimp to get the flower to the center of the pot is tough, but the pot is also a problem for me. Can I buy a couple of the finished models from you? One to reverse engineer and one to be a standard for me?


Mary Williams

reggie48x said...

would like a copy of you diagram 02 thats in color diagram please send to love ypu design..