Monday, June 17, 2013

Hangin' with Joe

Joe Hamamoto insists that he's retired (from doing origami events).  Even short trips can tire him out.  Yet he remains a prolific folder.  A one-man factory at producing giveaway models- many of which include models that take 3 hours + to fold.  And he is always giving away his work.

A stash of giveaways that Joe folded

He's always asking if I have anything new to show him.  I'm not really that big on folding modulars; but am always telling him about all the exciting things you can find on YouTube now.  Joe, unfortunately, is pretty much resigned to letting the 21st century technology pass him by.  He does not have a computer; nor an email address.

Saturday I discovered the Twisted Tower (which apparently isn't all that uncommon, judging from the many videos on the model).  Joe asked me to come over; and since I didn't have time to actually learn the model myself, I downloaded the video onto my smartphone and laptop (Joe's home is without internet and wifi) and then brought it over to show him.

I guess the individual unit is a pretty common piece.  Joe went right to work on it.

Customized papercutter

Last year I learned how to fold the transforming origami spiky ball, in order to teach it to Joe.  I folded 2 and it was deeply painful to my patience. 

After I showed it to Joe, he was very excited about it.  He always says "it's very interesting", when he encounters something he likes.  Joe ended up folding about 40 of these; then gave them away, I think at a church event.  Each one takes hours to fold.

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