Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hungry for Paper?

I believe these were all folded in 2003....


 Scrambled eggs
Created by Max Hulme
Folded by Michael Sanders
Diagrams in Orison #2

I don't remember whose frying pan design this is.  If I remember correctly, I was inspired to fold some eggs after seeing Stefan Delecat's breakfast presentation (linked in this album- love the plate and silverware!).


Photographed by John Andrisan
The fries are designed by Charles Esseltine.  I am pretty sure I got the diagrams for the hamburger in a kit much like the ones for the sushi, below.  I liked my paper choice for the sesame seed bun and the texture for the burger meat. 

The peeled banana I first came across at OUSA 2002, when Paula Versnick had it on display.  The diagrams are in Orison #3 and created by Francisco Javier Caboblanco.


Photographed by John Andrisan
Created by Takenao HANDA
Folded by Michael Sanders
Diagrams in NOA Book 2

In addition, I believe I used the diagrams in this kit here.  Not sure who to give credit for the model designs.


Photographed by John Andrisan
Created by Yoshihisa KIMURA
Folded by Michael Sanders
Diagrams:  NOA Book 3

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