Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Two Videos of Joe Hamamoto Restored

My longtime, primary YouTube account had been disabled several years ago due to copyright infringement 3 strikes issue (Arrrgh!).  I think it had to do with use of music.

I uploaded and restored into two old posts, videos of Joe Hamamoto.  One of the original vids was actually uploaded to Google video, since at the time, YouTube had a 10 minute rule on all their videos.  Google video has since gone the way of the dinosaur.

Anyway, the two posts with videos if you haven't seen them before are:
Joe Hamamoto:  Retired, but working harder than ever

Joe Demonstrates 3 Kasahara Models

Joe doesn't do many festivals these days; nor does he travel very far from home.  It takes too much out of him.  So he doesn't make many origami meetings and I only see him when I go visit him at his home. 

I will see him and Yami this Thursday though, as another WCOG member also hosts meetings every 1st Thursday of the month at her home.

If any of you are clicking through the archives and come across videos that don't work anymore and you are interested in them, just drop me a note in the post and I'll try to track the video down in my files and re-upload.


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