Friday, June 07, 2013

Unknown Flip Book

So I've been going through my archives....

My OUSA roommate acquired this neat little flip book- a business advertisement.  It's not exactly a book and I had filmed it because I had planned to try and duplicate the process.  Does anyone know if there is a specific name for this sort of thing?  Any tutorial for it?


Hmmm....well, I Googled "How to make a flip card", and ended up finding this- a swing card.  Not what I'm looking for, but cool nonetheless and looks fun to make:

Her blogpost is here, for additional information.

These look fun, too:

How to make a pulley card
Peek-a-boo card 
Marvelous Magical Marquee Card Tutorial 
Sliding Pop Up Card tutorial 
How To Make A Twist Turn Card 
Secret Door Technique Card

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