Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dashboard Origami

Kawasaki Rose on Leaf Stand (6" single squares)

How many of you decorate your vehicle dashboards with origami?  I've seen others hang modulars from the rear view mirror.

The Kawasaki rose in this photo is one that I might have folded in 2005.  It's poster-taped to the dash, salvaged from the Mikemobile IV (currently residing in the Mikemobile V).  The color is so faded from the sun, it might end up turning into a white rose in another year or two.

The Mikemobile III was a Chevy Lumina minivan (I loved that car with the cool aerodynamic windshield).  I used to have a series of Montrol horses with their hind legs velcroed to the dashboard.  So anytime I made a sharp turn, depending on the horse and how sharp the turn was, certain horses would rear up on the hind legs.

Yes....I like to entertain myself every moment I can.  And it's small things like this that add up and make each day fun.

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