Sunday, June 23, 2013

OUSA Weekend!

Another year that I've missed!

Hope everyone is having fun without me!

They must be.  Not a peep on the O-List (too busy folding and recovering what little sleep they can between folding sessions) so I guess we'll have to wait for the after-action reports.  

Dr. Robert Lang has put up some photos.

More to come.

*UPDATE*  20:25 

I missed this yesterday:  The first ever live webcast teaching session at OUSA, from Nick Robinson across the great ocean:

As their first ever live webcast teaching session, things went really well from my perspective, a “big up” for Marcio who prepared and tested the technology. Clearly, OUSA can now invite any folder in the world to their convention, at zero cost!I’ll certainly be passing this experience on to the BOS.

The webcast we had arranged was scheduled for an hour later than I expected (mixups in time differences) and it wouldn’t let me log in, so we reverted to good old skype, which was fine – I could both hear and see everyone. My webcam is a really cheap model, so the colours and sharpness may have been lacking, I’ll invest in a higher-res model if I do this again.

Read the rest.

OUSA convention covered by a Japanese news crew.

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