Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Adding a pinch to love notes

ysFebruary 24, 2008 by Isabel Bleimeister

The above masu box contained these Hershey Kisses and notes, made by a student of mine when my old gym closed down.  The notes were filled with memories and sentiments of our time at the gym.

An ex-girlfriend of mine also once filled a box with love notes at a time when she was sick in the hospital.

So I'm reminded of these things when I read Leyla Torres' recent blogpost on 10 second love notes:

These origami paper sticks can be made in about 10 seconds. They are fun, festive, and as carriers of love notes or fortune messages, they are tamper proof. Once opened they cannot be re-rolled into their original shape.

A super simple idea for many occasions, including New Year’s celebrations!
I once wrote one hundred and fifty-two love notes, rolled them up into sticks just like these, and presented them to my husband in a glass jar as a birthday gift. He called them “love candies” and opened one a week because he didn’t want to run out of them too fast.

A nice idea, with beauty in the simplicity.

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