Sunday, January 12, 2014

January WCOG meeting

Jim Cowling

Light turnout at yesterday's WCOG.  We took down the Christmas tree decorations from the library tree.  Did a simple tetraflexagon.  Jim wanted to go over the Montroll horse; and I had him and Helen film my method of shaping the head and hooves (if John gives me permission to share, I will post the video up).

I also brought up Jesse Barr's golf bag with clubs out of a dollar, and Jim whipped one up in about two minutes, how he perceives the model to be engineered.

Mike Jittlov dropped in.  He showed off his version of a $cottie and a unicorn. 

Photos of Sunday's meeting here.

A short history...

Historical Note: This video is based on a true story. Arthur H. Stone invented the Hexaflexagon and started a flexagon committee with his friends Tuckerman, Feynman, and Tukey (who all later became well-known in their respective fields). Tuckerman invented the Tuckerman Traverse, and Feynman invented Feynman Diagrams (not to be confused with Feynman Diagrams in physics, which is probably why flexagon diagrams are usually not called Feynman Diagrams anymore). The details of their interactions and dialogue, however, are my own invention.

Read the rest.

Martin Gardner is a legend.

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