Monday, January 06, 2014

Folding a Thousand Butteflies for Good Health?

I also folded and handed out so many origami butterflies that they soon came to symbolise my desire to be free from the restrictive effects of the stroke. 

I was in the Changi General Hospital high-dependency ward. It was to be my home for the next 40 days. The left half of my body, which was my dominant side, had been paralysed by an acute stroke.
For the better part of the second day, I stared at the packets of origami paper presented to me by some friends and family members. I was bored, but not in any mood or shape for folding. I was tormented by negative thoughts as I tried coming to terms with the loss of the use of my dominant limbs. I was looking at the loss of my independence and not being able to continue with most of the activities in life that matter to me, including origami, which had been a passion and part of me for the better part of 45 years.
Read the rest.  Very inspiring and moving.

At Marti's on Sunday, people asked around about Yami and Joe.  They are seen less frequently these days.

Yami is 77.  Joe is well into his 80s.  I worry about their health.

Joe can't speak for long without coughing; and yesterday he says Yami is beginning to develop some of the same cough as he has.

One thing I do know:  Origami has been a blessing in their lives and continues to keep their minds sharp.

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