Sunday, January 19, 2014

Origami out of Czech Koruna

Goldfish folded by Tung Nguyen and designed by Vu Dung
So I was visiting the Facebook fan page of Won Park (which has misled many there into believing it is Won Park's own page), and I saw this beautiful moneyfold posted and shared by Tung Nguyen.

These are about the best Park koi I've seen done outside of the original artist himself.

I can see Thor wearing this one:

Winged helmet by Tung Nguyen

 Some other models designed by him and others, folded by him; like Herman Lau's flower-in-a-pot adapted to the proportions of a Czech banknote:

What is it about Vietnamese folders that make them so damn good?!


George said...

New to this blog! Love it! Was wondering if the goldfish piece had any diagrams on how to make it. Are a lot of these made by the creators and kept private?

Paper Paladin said...

Welcome, George!

Creators are all different. But in a number of cases, it's more a matter of diagramming being time-consuming than a reluctance to teach and share.

You might ask your question about goldfish diagrams to Tung (contact him through the FB link).