Monday, January 06, 2014

Anyone notice the elephant in the room?

Marti's 1st Sunday of the year received a surprise appearance (sort of) by Boaz Shuval, Facetiming from Israel:

I made sure to give Boaz a tour of the food, holding his face up to it (or my phone, rather...):

For some reason, this episode of South Park came to mind.

Everyone was having a good time folding and playing with Shigemasu HOSHINO's trumpeting action elephant:

Video is pirated off of Takashi Iwamamoto's Facebook upload:

Ginger is the one on the left.

While other elephants trumpet, Ginger's elephant neighs:  "Year of the Horse!"

For a bit of background on this container, click here.

Joel Stern made a rare trip out and taught Stephen Weiss' dollar owl from a 1988 OUSA Convention book.

A couple of month ago, when he told me how he had done the polypopagon at Lillian's back in 1973, he also mentioned about how they could be glued together.  He said there's no "right way", and you can string them together a number of different ways.  Here he is launching my quick attempt at gluing a few of these together- not the best of results:

More photos of Sunday's turnout here.

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