Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse, of Course!

Creator:  John Montroll
Folder:  Michael Sanders

 The mane thing is, to tell my tail and not horse around this year....

From elephant hide (Wyndstone paper) My all-time favorite daily fold...the Montroll horse is what first inspired me into going more complex. My very first WCOG meeting, Terry Hall (group leader, who has only since been to about 3 meetings in the last 12 years) had folded a beautiful 3-dimensional, elegant Montroll horse for a young girl. I went to Borders and immediately picked up Montroll's Origami Sculptures and a few others. Although the models are intermediate to low-intermediate level models today, I had never realized origami had continued to evolve to this level of folding. It was turning point in my own life, and hooked me onto origami as something a lot more than just a passing fancy and childhood past-time.

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