Wednesday, January 01, 2014

How to make your own Polypopagon

(New Year) Baby
Created by Robert Lang
Folded by Michael Sanders

Carol was out of town, so the 5th Sunday December meeting was hosted at Marti's.

Photos here (not many).

And to pop in the New Year...

I've been receiving some requests by people on how to fold Leaping Willy.  Himanshu Agrawal and I did some correspondence and made an attempt to discover a creator for this model and either uncover official diagrams published somewhere; or seek permission to create our own tutorial to share this fun model.

Although we did manage to trace a little bit of history on it (apparently this model has been around since the 60s), we failed to find an original creator.

Given that, we decided to go forward and share how to make this with the larger community.

Here is my one-take quickie video, on-the-fly at Marti's:

When Himanshu releases his diagrams, I'll link it here.  It should happen sometime today.


Paper Paladin said...

I should add that Patrick at Marti's meeting mentioned that he was able to use the rubberband size found in the loom bracelets that are currently popular with kids.

I hadn't tried it myself yet, as they seemed kind of small (size 8s have a tendency to crush the index cards).

origami katakana said...

Thanks so much! I have wanted to fold this for a while, but there weren't any instructions that I could find.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Thanks for mentioning. Hope you're enjoying it.