Sunday, January 12, 2014

Heart-shaped Pull Out Shadow Box Card?

Stumbling across this video, she referenced a more origami version of this.  Thankfully, she linked the video to her blogpost, which linked to the mentioned origami-version video & blog.

Valentine's Day is around the bend and I remember a couple of years ago doing a version of this where the two panel/handles were actually heart-shaped.  It was an easy model and I might be able to figure it out; or I probably have some buried somewhere.  But if anyone knows to what I am referring to, please provide me a model name and creator, so that I can track it down. 

I can't even remember how I had learned to make it; but remember making lots of them one year to give out at work, to the kids.

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Paper Paladin said...

Ah....and while viewing Jeremy Shafer's new one-piece magic rose cube, I saw Leyla Torres had done the model I referenced in the post; and it's by Francis Ow!