Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Max Hulme's Jack-in-the-Box

1-7-2014 5" x 10" kami folded "on the fly"

 This Jack-in-the-B box is one of my favorite regular folds.  A modern classic.  I learned it maybe 10-12 years ago from Joel Bauer, who was taught by Tom Stamm.  I don't remember if Joel ever sat down and taught it to me directly; but I do know he filmed a personal tutorial for me and gave me a VHS tape to learn from.  His sequence of folding in the crease pattern made it so much easier than following the diagrams in the Kenneway book, that I remember.

This is one of those models that always gets a positive wow factor from non-origamists, and the common question:  "Is that one sheet of paper?!".

The hinge on the lid isn't really designed to close; but it can.  And with gift-wrapping paper, you can sometimes make it spring up pretty well, too. 

Won Park used the extra left over paper of Hulme's 2:1 Jack to make a Jester's cap.  Ronald Fujioka out here in the LA area loved folding Won's version.  I think Andrew Hans taught it at one of the OUSA or PCOC Conventions.

Folded Oct 2005 out of a very large sheet of elephant hide backed with tissue paper


origami katakana said...

Cool! That is also one of my favorite models, although I haven't been able to memorize the folding sequence yet. It works great in miniature. The smallest I've folded it turned out with a finkshed size of one inch. Have you ever folded it in miniature?

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I detest folding in miniature! I've never had the urge to fold a jack as small as I can. The smallest I've done is from a dollar.

Origami University said...

That origami jack in the box model looks absolutely fantastic!

origami katakana said...

Hmm... I started out folding sort of small, and I've just gotten used to it. It can be an interesting challenge. I should try folding it from a dollar bill sometime. I think that's a good idea. You could probably use the print mof the dollar to good effect....