Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When Origami Meets an Untimely Death

Ever seen a 2D Divine Dragon, before?

This is what a Bahamut from a 10" square looks like after it falls to the floor and you step on it:

I actually think this is salvageable.  I just have to take the time to reshape.

I remember once when I worked at a retail store, I was delighted to see someone walk in who I hadn't seen in years.  She had since become a mother, cradling her baby in one arm.   I was a lead cashier at the time and sometimes kept origami at my register.  I went and grabbed for her a John Montroll Pegasus I had folded.

Next thing I know, she comes up to me and her baby is sucking on the Pegasus like an origami pacifier.


Anyone else ever have one of these experiences?

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