Monday, January 13, 2014

Bulldog by Po San Wong

Created by Po San Wong
Folded by Michael Sanders
September 2005
I don't think this model has gotten the attention and exposure that it deserves.

 I find the feet difficult to shape; and the hind legs are a bit thin.  Aside from that, it has a great look.

Diagrams were published in the 300th anniversary issue of NOA.  I also vaguely remember seeing them somewhere online.

Since I don't seem to have enough motivation to sit down for a few hours and fold anything new (especially super complex models that take hours or even days), I thought I'd start publishing photos of stuff I've done in the past, directly here to the blog.  Especially since I allowed my Flickr Pro account to expire several years ago (meaning most of the links to the older photos I uploaded there are hard to find).

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Origami University said...

That is one awesome origami bulldog!